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Upcoming Presentations

Carey, P. , Ward, P., & Tabashneck, S. (Scheduled for January 2019). Trauma and substance use disorders: Implications for family court. Presentation at Massachusetts Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Conference, Worcester, MA.

Tabashneck, S. (Scheduled for January 2019). Substance use disorders, neuroscience, and child custody. Presentation at Cape and Islands Regional Domestic Violence Council, Barnstable, MA.

Tabashneck, S. & Green, J. (Scheduled for April 2019). Sexual misconduct on campus: Title IX, due process and case law updates. Presentation at the MASOC/MATSA Joint Conference, Marlborough, MA.

Tabashneck, S. (Scheduled for May 2019). The opioid epidemic and family courts. Presentation at the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Toronto, ON.

Recent Presentations

Tabashneck, S. (November, 2018). Psychological impact of opioid addiction on the family. Seminar at State of New York Office of Attorneys for Children, New York.

Tabashneck, S. (November, 2018). A pathway for litigation and resolution in matters involving addiction. Panel at Massachusetts Bar Association Annual Family Law Conference, Chatham, MA.

Tabashneck, S. & Duffly, F. (June, 2018). The opioid crisis, parental addiction, and the courts. Presentation at the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Washington, D.C.

Tabashneck, S. (2018, April). Sex offender policy at home and abroad. Presentation at the MASOC/MATSA Joint Conference, Marlborough, MA.

Harris, L., Tabashneck. S., Barney, T., Crabtree, R., & DiMeglio, C. (2018, April). Effective advocacy: Navigating client relationships with an understanding of mental health. Panel at Northeastern University School of Law, Boston, MA.

Tabashneck, S. & Kinscherff, R. (2018, March). Strategies for working with individuals with mental illness, Presentation for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and Committee for Public Counsel Services, Boston, MA.

Edersheim, J., Kinscherff, R., & Tabashneck, S. (2018, November). Grand rounds for judges: Mental health issues in criminal cases. Presentation for Flaschner Judicial Institute and the Judicial Institute at the Judicial Institute in Worcester, MA.

Tabashneck, S., Lehrmann, D., & Brandt, J. (2017, October). Judiciary bias inside and outside the courtroom. Panel at the American Bar Association Family Law Section Fall Conference, Beaver Creek, CO.

Kinscherff, R. & Tabashneck, S. (2017, July). Structured clinical decision making: Implications for practice. Presentation at Federal Judicial Center Conference, Tailoring Justice: Science-informed decision making, Harvard Law School, Boston, MA.

Tabashneck, S. (2015, June; 2015, May). Bolstering child resilience in divorce, Presentation at New Hanover Family Court, Wilmington, MA.